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With the ambition to become the "Google-DNA" of this world, the key mission of Genalice is to prepare the road to transform cancer from a deadly disease to a chronic disease, to improve the Quality of Life for people living with cancer.

“A Dutch initiative with a global impact!”

Genalice has designed a unique data analysis and –correlation system, which is able to find correlations in multiple domains from over 1 million DNA samples and diagnosis/treatment cases, of more than 100.000 patients. The platform brings together the “power of large numbers” and the (fast growing) knowledge of biology of the human body into a single, intelligent, high-speed correlation system.

This synergy enables researchers and clinical professionals to work more efficient, while generating more reliable output. The overall aim is to provide patients suffering from cancer with quick and reliable diagnosis and “first time right” treatments, adding tremendous value to the quality of life and cost control in the care system.

Projecten van GenAlice

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